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Blog – RaPAL

Research and Practice in Adult Literacy - a friendly group

It’s not often we see conferences dedicated to literacies studies. The third in the biennial Cypriot Literacy and Contemporary Society has secured keynotes with Baynham, Cope and Kalantzis, and Georgakopoulou in autumn 2019. The call for abstracts is out to 21st June. “The 3rd International Conference on Literacy and Contemporary Society focuses on the complex …
Author: Tara Furlong
Posted: 03-06-2019
“‘my first reaction – I don’t do it. But the more I thought about it, the more I realised I do actually… more than I thought I did’” (p57). In this article, which features on pages 54-63 of RaPAL journal Vol No 97 (Spring 2019), Sam Duncan highlights participants’ surprise about the topic of her …
Author: Jo Dixon
Posted: 26-04-2019
Learning and Skills Research Network, London and the South East A winter LSRN London and South East Network meeting was convened recently with Continuum, UEL’s Research Centre for Widening Participation. Sai Loo, UCL IoE and Rania Hafez, University of Greenwich, co-ordinated five presentations which explored transitions into different forms of work. The afternoon comprised two …
Author: Tara Furlong
Posted: 19-12-2017
This morning, UKSSD and BOND, two multi-sectoral organisations working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), hosted a morning on this very theme. Chaired by Jon Snow, we were welcomed with a speech by the Minister of State at the Department for International Development. This was followed by policy development presentations from the Finish Secretary General from …
Author: Tara Furlong
Posted: 08-02-2017
The results of our last survey of members in 2014 emphasised the importance of regular publication of the RaPAL digital journal. Since then we have ensured termly publication, as well as reformulating our overall purpose, sustaining annual events and sector engagement. At the AGM in June, we agreed with members to launch a short follow-up …
Author: Tara Furlong
Posted: 07-12-2016

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Division of Analytical & Environmental Sciences News & Events

King's College London will be one of six universities to set up and run three new urban air pollution research 'supersites' in London, Birmingham and Manchester by the end of 2018.
Posted: 22-01-2018
Professor David Phillips along with a team of researchers have received £20 million from Cancer Research UK to fill vital knowledge gaps in the environmental and behavioural causes of cancer.
Posted: 17-02-2017
Leon Barron and Denise Syndercombe-Court, Division of Analytical & Environmental Sciences have been interviewed by Chemistry World for a feature piece about the importance of Chromatography in forensic science.
Posted: 23-11-2016
Ten pigtails of hair thought to be from seven mutineers of "Mutiny on the Bounty" fame and three of their female Polynesian companions will be analysed in a new collaboration between the Pitcairn Islands Study Centre at Pacific Union College (California, US) and the forensic DNA group in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.
Posted: 23-08-2016
DNA Analysis at King's appeared on a recent episode of the BBC's Fake or Fortune programme
Posted: 22-08-2016

News – The National Archives

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Sonia Cargan as a new non-executive member to The National Archives’ Board. Sonia takes up her post this January following a competitive recruitment campaign. Currently Chief Colleague Inclusion and Diversity Officer for American Express, she is responsible for leading American Express’ global strategy for inclusion and diversity […]

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Author: Andrew Harrison
Posted: 19-01-2021

Our Collection Care and Licensing, Publishing and Digitisation departments have received £264,000 in funding as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)’s Capability for Collections (CapCo) fund. The CapCo fund is a landmark £15m investment in the arts and humanities that will help secure the future of the UK’s galleries, libraries, archives and […]

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Author: Andrew Harrison
Posted: 18-01-2021

Reading room services suspended until further notice

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Author: Matthew De Ville
Posted: 06-01-2021

Today we have released files from the Prime Minister’s Office and Cabinet Office, predominantly covering the final months of John Major’s government in 1997. The newly released Cabinet Office files (CAB and PREM) shed light on a range of subjects both at home and abroad under Major’s leadership. Some examples of files being released include: […]

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Author: Andrew Harrison
Posted: 30-12-2020

The National Archives has launched a new COVID-19 Archives Fund which will support quick interventions to secure vulnerable physical and born-digital records. The fund has been allocated £500,000 from HM Treasury, with individual applicants across the UK able to apply for a maximum of £50,000. As a result of the pandemic, many archive-holding businesses, charities, […]

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Author: Matthew De Ville
Posted: 04-12-2020

Turning the tide - making a difference
Turning the tide – making a difference